I made this poncho in the fall of 2004. I don't often make clothing, and while I like the end result of my poncho, the story of its making will illustrate why: it was rather a comedy of errors. First, I should give some credits. This poncho was inspired by two people: Margaret Hubert shared her 6-square plus 2 half-square poncho design with the FFCrochet yahoo group. I intended to ust that approach for my poncho and sort of did (more on that later). Penny O'Neill's wonderful work includes a lot of concentric circles and I decided that would be a good motif for my poncho.

Margaret's design called for 6 9 1/2 inch squares. Well, I misrecalled that when I designed my squares (made from 9 double circles and 4 small circles) and planned on 9 inch squares. I measured the basic double circle which was exactly 3 inches ... and forgot that when sewn together it would be smaller. And then I forgot to measure it until I'd made several and it was looking awfully small; they were 8 inch squares. And I also forgot that Margaret is quite a bit smaller than I am ... I likely would have needed 10 inch squares. SIGH! What to do? Well, I decided to add a border of double circles around the whole thing and between the two sides (along the shoulders). And I thought I would make them orange and red to bring out the red a bit more. So I had to buy more red. But all my other circles were a mix of hairy and non-hairy yarn for the outer circle, and while the red was sort of hairy, it just didn't look right. Soooo, I found a hairy yarn that would work well with the red. Good thing too because I wouldn't have had enough of the original red and it's been discontinued. Well, even after adding that it was clear the dang thing wasn't going to be long enough and would need something, so I decided to do a ruffley border in purple ... which required buying a couple more skeins of purple -- thank goodness I was able to find it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I needed to order more of the green part of the way through the project.

As I said, I like it, even though my husband says it looks like it's right out of "The Brady Bunch." It's VERY warm! I'll have to be more careful about what I wear under it, though -- paired with the shirt I have on, well, OUCH!

Now, you might think that I must not have a mathematical brain cell in my head, but I actually have a BS in math and an MS in Computer Science. I guess I just don't pay enough attention to size in my work! I think I will stick to dolls, where size does not matter, and where if I run out of yarn, I usually just wing it and modify the design midstream.


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