Purple/Green/Gold Bag

I made this bag as a donation for my daughter's preschool's bi-annual silent auction fund raiser. I am also donating 3 crochet lessons and wanted to create a bag made only from chain and single crochet stitches that could be used as a project for the lessons. I also created a doll, Fiesta, so that the buyer would have two projects from which to choose. I used purple/green/gold in Serendipity also, and I liked it. I've been (sort of unwittingly) collecting yarns in these colors and I'm using the same yarns as in the bag for a doll project. I may stay with these colors for a while. A couple of years ago I did several projects with purple/green/orange and I really liked that, so it'll be interesting to see how changing one color (orange to gold) affects things.

This picture is way too dark, but I've included it to give an idea of the proportions of the strap relative to the bag.

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