Bonnie's Work

I work at Lucent Technologies in the Wireless Networks Group. I work on software for Lucent's next generation wireless infrastructure product: Flexent. I work on the software that technicians use to control the equipment; it's called "operations, administration, and maintenance" software, which we shorten to "OA&M" because we love acronyms so much. I've been working in the Flexent project since February 1996 (I have the dubious distinction of being the very first developer on the project, so I'm an "old timer" -- a name I really like a lot). I work with a great team of people and while I don't actually develop software for the product, I design and inspect a lot of it, and I write many software tools to help our team be more productive. All in all, I really like this job!

When I started working in 1985 after college, I worked for AT&T. I was part of Bell Laboratories, the Research and Development arm of AT&T. AT&T spun off Lucent (who got to keep Bell Laboratories!) in 1996 (it was announced in 1996; I think the actual spinoff was in 1997). Here's a rundown of the other jobs I've had at AT&T/Lucent:

June 1995 - January 1996
Tools development for broadband access project. This job was short-lived because this project decided it did not need a tools group and we were disbanded!

February 1991 - June 1995
Software developement for the Advanced Intelligent Network (A-I-Net, now called Advantage) product line. This was a really fun project. We developed products that enabled service providers (such as BellSouth) to develop their own specialized services. Before our product was available, service providers had to request new service development from the equipment provider (at that time it was AT&T). Our product gave them a new programming language and the ability to provide services such as voice mail, caller ID and voice activated dialing (e.g. "call mom"). I worked on OA&M software in that project too (that seems to be my niche). One exciting aspect of this project was that I received a patent for a mechanism to update service software while still providing continuous service. Also, I became a manager in January 1995. I learned quickly that I didn't like being a manager at all, so I returned to a technical position and have been happy with that decision ever since.

July 1985 - January 1991
I started at AT&T in a department that provided the Software Development Environment (SDE) for the gargantuan 5ESS Switch project, which was (and I believe still is) made up of thousands of software developers. The 5ESS Switch was AT&T's and is now Lucent's flagship product; it is the most commonly used telephone switch in the US and is widely used in other countries as well. Anyway, our department was commonly known as the "tools department" because we wrote many tools to streamline and simplify 5ESS Switch software development. This was a great place for me to start my career, because it got me in the habit of writing tools to make my own job easier, and that has stood me in great stead throughout my career: once a tools person always a tools person!