4th Quarter 2002

Uncle Stevie, I think you miscounted.

October 6

Nice doggy.

October 20

Bang, Bang, Bang!

October 23

Yikes! There's a fahfah in the house, and she's stollen my dolly!

October 31

Hanging out with my super-friends at storytime.


October 31

A little patio music.

October 31

Two Wild Animals.

October 31

Mommy, can we go out now?

November 1


November 3

Fast/slow ... that's funny!

November 22

Let's go, Dad.

November 24


November 24

Mommy makes the best bubbles.

November 24

Learning to use a spoon.

November 27

Getting into the Christmas spirit.

December 14

Sitting in a chair like a big girl.

December 19

This new car is awesome!

December 21

So what's the big deal about a white Christmas?

December 25

Oh, now I get it!

December 25

A Christmas snow kiss.

December 25

Christmas celebration in Grosse Pointe, MI.

December 26

Grandma never gets tired of my schtick.

December 27