1st Quarter 2004

Where did those clothes go?

January 7

Look what we made!

January 11

A kiss for my new friend.

January 11

Mommy likes him too.

January 11

Look Mom, no hands!

January 25

Two and a half years old!

January 29

Ah, fresh snow!

February 3

Queen of the mountain top!

February 8

Building a house with Grandma.

February 29

Some pretty big shoes to fill.

March 1

Cassie and a few of her best friends.

March 3

A hug before bedtime.

March 7

Celebrating Mommy's birthday.

March 8

Dinner celebration for Mommy and Uncle Danny.

March 13

Night swimming.

March 20

Happy swimmer.

March 20

Feeding Grandma like the dollies.

April 1
(a cheat because it really belongs in 2Q04, but Mommy couldn't resist!)