2nd Quarter 2004

This is where the dollies live.

April 3


April 8

Woo hoo! Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!

April 11

Now, how many eggs are in here?

April 11

This fun circus toy was Daddy's favorite when he was a little boy.

April 11

These shoes are made for walkin'.

April 20

A Mother's Day snuggle.

May 9

Uncle Stevie is already pushing UGA as a prospective college. Mommy says it's way too far away!

May 20

Flower girl.

June 4

Oh yes, Mommy, all those books will fit, see!

June 7

Guess what? No more diapers!

June 9

Our goofball crams a bunch of stuff into her newly diaperless pants.

June 18

Cousin Lora gets a hug, but she's not too sure she's thrilled about it.

June 20

A Father's Day cuddle with Poppa Sidney.

June 20

A Father's Day cuddle with Daddy

June 20

I think I like this horsie even better than that one in the basement.

June 20

Every letter gets at least one cotton ball.

June 23