1st Quarter 2005

These are My "Thomas the Trains"

January 7

Rolling around With Lora and Aunt Carolyn.

January 8

Mmmmm! Fresh Snow!

January 9

Catch Me, Mommy!

January 29

Night Swimming with Daddy at the Hotel Intercontinental.

January 29

These are My Friends Dora, Dora, and Marsupial Sue.

February 7

Sticker Fun -- Thanks to Uncle Stevie.

February 15

Grosse Pointe Snowman.

February 21

A Birthday Hug for Nana.

March 2

I Like Mommy's Clip-Clop Shoes.

March 5

I painted this Train at School!

March 6

Life-Size Tower -- I Made it Myself.

March 7

Hug needed.

March 13

Cuddling with Uncle Greg.

March 19

That's How I Make a Really Pink Egg.

March 26

Woo Hoo!

March 27

Poppa, You're Cracking Me Up!

March 27

A Big Hug for Lora.

March 27