2nd Quarter 2005

Bringing Mommy Tea at the Pilgrim Nursery School Spring Tea.

April 21

Spring Tea Cuddle.

April 21

Fun at the Spring Tea.

April 21

This is My Beach!

April 22

Grandma's Being a Very Good Sport.

April 29

At the Grosse Pointe Shores Park.

April 29

Mother's Day Cuddle.

May 8

Mothers and Daughters.

May 8

Cassie with Some Preschool Classmates.

May 12

Farm Scene by Cassie.

May 12

Potties for all My Friends.

May 13

Birthday Party for My Friends.

May 21

Hula Flower Clown.

May 21

Blankie Dress-Up.

May 29

Tinker Toys and Uncle Stevie are Fun!

May 30

Celebrating Grandma's Birthday.

June 5

Summer's Here!

June 6

Father's Day Hug.

June 19

I Think I Can, I Think I Can!
(at the pool in Greenville, NC)

June 25

I Love My Summeritme Jammies!

June 29