3rd Quarter 2005

Pool Party.

July 05

On the Porch with Lolly.

July 08

This is My First Nightgown!

July 25

Pizza for Lunch.

July 30


July 30

Cutie Line-Up.

July 30

Making a Wish.

July 31

I'm Gonna Splash Grandma!

July 31

Bedtime Stories in Milwaukee.

August 11


August 12

Water Lily.

August 12

In the Butterfly House.

August 22

Duplo "Zoo Train"

August 22


September 01

Yippee! First Day of School!

September 06

Aaaahhh! Back at the Easel (in the Triangle Room).

September 06

Acrobat on her Trapeze.

September 08

Reading to Grandma Funny.

September 15

Late Afternoon Nap.

September 17