4th Quarter 2005

Uncle Stevie Gets a Push During our Visit to Georgia.

September 30

Cassie's First Pony Ride.

October 15

Love Among the Pumpkins.

October 15

Lion. One of Cassie's First "Real" Pictures on MagnaDoodle.

October 17

Pick 'Em All Out!

October 29

Aha! Got It!

October 29

Halloween Party in Buffalo Grove.

October 30

The Cutest Cow and Spider EVER.

October 30

Cassie Has Mastered "the Bars" at School (and is VERY proud of it!).

October 31

Trick or Treat!

October 31

Love Among the Cousins (and Aunt Carolyn!)

November 05

Cassie Finds a Place for EVERY Animal.

November 11

I'll Help, Daddy!

November 12

I Can See Across the Alley from Up Here!

November 12

A Cuddle with Nicky, whose Mommy Takes Care of Cassie.

November 14

Budding Architect (??) Creates a Hammock.

November 17

Holiday Tea at Oak Park's Cheney Mansion.

December 03


December 04

Budding Decorator (??) Finishes Up Gingerbread House.

December 17

Great Big Hug with Poppa Sidney.

December 23

Tomorrow is The Big Day!

December 24

Family Gathering at Prokopowicz Place.

December 24

Mom and Her Kidoodlies.

December 24

Treats for Santa and the Reindeer.

December 24

How Did We All Squeeze into Cassie's New Tent From Uncle Greg and Kim?

December 27

Cassie's First Time Ice Skating: A Fun Way to End the Year!

December 31

Last Night of Hanukkah. OK, well, not 4th quarter, but almost! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 01