1st Quarter 2006

Cassie and Katie: Jacks in the Blocks.

January 13

At the Garfield Park Conservatory.

January 16

Uncle Greg's Birthday Greeting.

January 27

Whoosh! This time ALL BY MYSELF!!

January 29

Celebrating International Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.

February 04

A Blankie Ride with Lora.

February 12

Self Portrait.

March 08

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

March 08

A Tea Party for My Pals.

March 10

Story Time for My Pals.

March 11

Cassie's Museum of Art.

March 24

Lolly Gets a Cuddle.

March 25

And This is My Museum of Cats and Dinosaurs.

March 25

Lounging with Lolly.

March 29

Hugs with Lily (Left) and Evelyn.

March 30