1st Quarter 2007

Cassie's Half-Birthday Celebration at School.

January 26

Half Birthday Girl with Chosen Pencil Treasure and Ribbon.

January 26

Swimming at Our Weekend Getaway in Oak Brook.

January 28

I Made This Butterfly Costume Myself!

February 03

Cassie and Aunt Carolyn Goofing Around.

February 11

Our Valentine.

February 14

Happy Birthday, Uncle Danny!

February 15

Ice Skating in Grosse Pointe -- Brrrr.

February 18

I Love When Grandma Comes for a Visit.

February 24

Getting Ready for the Ice Show.

March 16

Daddy's Skating Queen.

March 17

Baby Drivers.

March 18

Laughing in the Face of Danger.

March 28

On the Rocks.

March 28

Hi, Cassie.

March 28

Careful! Slippery Rocks Can Be Fatal!

March 28

Almost at the top of Whiteside Mountain in NC.

March 28

Playing in the Sand at the Atlanta Children's Museum.

March 30

I've Got You In My Clutches!

March 30