3rd Quarter 2007

Up Close and Personal with a Fishfly.

July 04

Fun with Maria.

July 06

Happy Birthday July Babies.

July 07

Parker Having Fun at His 1st Birthday Party?

July 15

A With Aunt Pearl and Uncle Larry on Beautiful Lake Michigan.

July 21

Having Fun at My Birthday Party.

July 28

All the Candy's About to Fly!!

July 28

Anxiously Awaiting Cake.

July 28

Our Birthday Princess.

July 28

Grandma and Her Birthday Princess.

July 28

Celebrating with the Family.

July 29

Fun in the Sun at Millennium Park.

August 02

Yippee!! The Tooth Fairy's Going to Visit Tonight!

August 04

Showing Off My Gap-Toothed Smile.

August 05

Fun in the Black-Eyed Susans.

August 11

Girl Talk at Indiana Beach.

August 25

Best Friends at the Amusement Park.

August 26

Walking to the First Day of First Grade.

August 28

Big First Grader.

August 28

At Hatch with Agnes.

August 28

This Corn Took Out My Second Tooth!

September 09

Swinging at Washington Park.

September 15

Reading in Our Tent at Washington Park.

September 15

Our Tents at the Urban Explorers Camp Site.

September 15

On the Way Home from the Farmer's Market.

September 22