1st Quarter 2008

Here's My K'Nex Creation, Uncle Stevie!

January 04

All Ready for Crazy Hair Day at Hatch School.

January 24

It's a Bit Chilly in this Igloo.

February 02

I'm Ready for Spring!

February 26

Getting Ready for the Ice Show.

March 14

Daddy, Pink Witch, Mommy.

March 14

A Bevvy of Pink Witches.

March 14

Ta Da!!!

March 16

Cassie's Fans Agnes and Chloe Came to See the Show.

March 16

The Grand Canyon is Awesome!!!

March 23

They Did Not Enter.

March 23

Lots of Trees to Climb at the Grand Canyon.

March 24

... And Stairs to Climb Too.

March 25

Up, Up, and Away in Our Beautiful Balloon.

March 26

Our Beautiful Balloon After Landing in Sedona.

March 26

Gorgeous Sedona During Our Jeep Tour Rest.

March 27

Hangin' During the Jeep Rest.

March 27

Enjoying the Spelndor of Sedona.

March 27

Yeee Haaaa!

March 28

Phoenix Has Cacti That Are Even Taller Than Daddy.

March 29