3rd Quarter 2008

A Cuddle with Uncle Stevie.

July 04

Cousin Collection.

July 05

Birthday Bicycle from Grandma (a little early).

July 08

The Scene Being Seen in the Bean.

July 20

With My Friend Jenna at My Birthday Party.

July 27

Mmmmm, Pizza.

July 27

Making a Wish.

July 27

I Love You, Agnes!

July 27

This is What I Wanted!

July 27

Birthday Hug from Lora.

July 27

Kiddieland Birthday Adventure.

July 28

Birthday Girl at Kiddieland.

July 28

My Special Shirt from Barbara Benson.

July 29

Uncle Danny, You're Cracking Me Up!

August 16

Hanging Out in Goshorn Lake - Saugatuck, MI.

August 17

It Doesn't Get Much Better than This!

August 17

Pure Joy at Oval Beach.

August 18

First Day of 2nd Grade.

August 26

I Love My Pretty Fall Dress!

August 28

Soccer Star.

September 06

Coach Pete and the Bees.

September 06