3rd Quarter 2009

Hippie Day at Camp: Feelin' Groovy

July 9

Grandma's Going to Make My American Girl Dreams Come True!

July 12


50's Day at Camp

July 13


July 15

Our Last Visit to Kiddieland -- we sure will miss it!

July 19

Up, Up, and Away

July 19

Alien Day

July 22

The Last of the Baby Incisors Finally Fell Out!

July 22

Wizard Day

July 23

Patiently Awaiting Cake

July 25

How Can that Number Be 8???

July 26

Lora's First Sleepover -- We Were Honored!

July 26


July 26

Sleepy Girls Take Nap After Excitement of Having Found One Another.

July 26

Fun at the Grosse Pointe Shores Pool

July 31

With Michael Alexander Prokopowicz at 3 1/2 Months Old

August 1

Underdogs Were a Very Fun Part of Our Michigan Vacation ...

August 9

... But Tubing was THE BEST!

August 11

Lily, Cassie, Chloe in Michigan

August 13

Watching the Sun Set

August 13

First Day of 3rd Grade

August 25

Best Pals

August 25

Bird of Paradise in Paradise at Our Annual Block Party

September 12

Enjoying the Treehouse-in-Progress

September 19

Can You Spot the OSHA Violation?

September 19