2nd Quarter 2010

Loot from the Easter Bunny

April 4

Hatch Spelling Bee

April 16

Cassie's Magic Tree House

April 17


Mom is pretty rusty after a 40-ish year hiatus from tether ball

April 22

Hatch Science Fair: What Does a Triops Longicauditus Eat?

April 27

Daddy Helped to Take Good Care of "Tricy"

April 27

Hatch Talent Show

April 28

Cassie and Katie and their entrepreneurial spirit.

May 2

Lolly the Water Boy.

May 6

Musikgarten Piano Recital

May 16

Third Grade Spring Sing

May 19



June 3

Saying Goodbye to 3rd Grade

June 3

The (Almost) Annual Fish Fly Picture

June 5


June 20, 2008 fish fly picture

July 4, 2007 fish fly picture

Best Daddy in the Whole World on Father's Day

June 20

Our Favorite Monkey

June 25