3rd Quarter 2010

Cassie's Favorite Fans

July 1

Colonel Hathi's March
Junior BRAVO's "The Jungle Book"

July 2

Our Favorite Elephant and Friends

July 2

Lora's First Treehouse Adventure

July 3

Sleepover with Lily ... in Cassie's Closet

July 6


RIP: Cassie's Climbing Tree

July 19

Dress Up Day at Camp

July 22

Cassie's First Slumber Birthday Party
(Back: Katie, Lily, Collette; Front: Sophie, Cassie, Chloe)

July 24

It's Lanie!!!

July 25

Uncle Ross Got Me Chrissa's Dress in My Size

July 25


The Yummy Part

July 25

Life Imitating Art

July 28

Will and Liz Murphy, Our Friends From Spring Break in St. Martin

August 6

Good Friends Reunited

August 6

Cassie and Chloe on Vacation in Muskegon, MI

August 16

Best Sunset Ever!!!

August 17

Cassie and Lily Hamming it Up

August 18

Cassie and her Very Fuzzy Dad

August 21

First Day of School!

August 24

It Was a Tuesday So Agnes Came Too

August 24

Happy to Be Back Among Friends

August 24

Cassie and Sophie Up Close and Personal with a Penguin at the Shedd Aquarium

August 29

The Burgundy Bulls

September 25

Our Favorite Burgundy Bull

September 25