2nd Quarter 2012

Intermediate Orchestra Concert

May 8

Chorus Concert

May 9

Hatch Tribute to Excellence

May 24

Proper Diving Form

May 26



The (Almost) Annual Fish Fly Picture

May 27


June 12, 2011 fish fly picture

June 5, 2010 fish fly picture

June 20, 2008 fish fly picture

July 4, 2007 fish fly picture


Chorus at the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

May 31

5th Grade Pals

May 31

See You Later, Mom
(Last day at Hatch!)

June 1

Annual Hatch Elementary 5th Grade Clap Out

June 1

Annual Piano Recital

June 10


Palapa Bake Sale and Lemonade Stand
(they raised over $100 for bottlenosed dolphins)

June 24

Fun in the Sun with Lora

June 30