4th Quarter 2012

Would You Like to Save Some Money on Car Insurance?

October 26

Ready for the Big Day

October 26

And Now the Pumpkin is Ready

October 28

Pumpkin's Debut

October 29

Gecko Finds a Geisha

October 31



They Become Fast Friends


Oh No! She's Taking the Candy!

Just Kidding; All's Well

Yippee! A Big Haul! Let the Trading Commence

Recital at Cheney Mansion in Oak Park

November 18

Our Hidden Dunes Cottage, Bought on November 9th

November 25


Stocking Loot

December 25

Cousin Cuddle

December 25

Matty Gets in On the Game

December 26

Another Cousin Cuddle

December 27

Grosse Pointe Snow Bird

December 27

There She Goes!

December 27