2nd Half 2014

Fourth of July trip to the Mall of America

Cassie as Alice's mother in BRAVO's production of "Alice!" -- an original play based on "Alice in Wonderland"

With Aunt Pearl and Uncle Larry

Cassie as Pigeon in "Alice!"

Cassie as viola-playing Pigeon in "Alice!" -- playing a variation of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
With Grandma Janet after the closing of "Alice!"

Early birthday present: iPhone 5S!


Electric keyboard from the grandmas.

Birthday girl.
Cassie, Caroline, Maria
Camp Anokijig

Cousin Bruce's Weimeraner puppy

With Grandma Funny

Saturn paid a visit to our house for Halloween

Cassie as First Chair Viola at the Illinois Music Educators' Association concert.
Silly cousins.

More silly cousins.