Bonnie and Jewelry Making

How It Began

I started with button jewelry: pins, crocheted bracelets, earrings. I worked with Fimo and Sculpey polymer clay for a while, using antique watch parts as decoration. I like using found objects in my jewelry. For a while in the early 1990s I was pretty bored with my real job and started a (very) small business selling my jewerly at craft shows, but I really hated the selling part -- too much sitting around time and I really am not a good salesperson. So now I just do it for fun and as gifts. Most recently I've done bead work, both threaded and wired.

Button Jewelry

Button jewelry is easy and fast to make. The key is to have a large variety of buttons from which to choose. While I was doing craft shows I had a sign out saying that I collect buttons, and I acquired a lot of buttons that way. The pins are put together with hot glue, and the bracelets are crocheted, with the buttons worked into the crocheting, not sewn on. I made one button bracelet by gluing the buttons onto a bracelet that is sold for that purpose; the down-side of that approach is that the buttons backs usually have to be cut off and that destroys any value they might have.

Beaded Jewelry

I really like beading, though I've found lately that I enjoy working more with larger beads. My hands cramp up pretty easily and cannot work for hours at a time like I used to. I most enjoy what I have seen called "free form" beading. The way I do it, it's very irregular with many interconnected strands. I pick out a "pallette" of beads and then just doodle; it's great fun. I tend to make mostly necklaces, and usually longish ones. I also like working with wire and beads, using bent craft wire to connect the beads.

Crochet Jewelry

I haven't done too much in this category yet, and my first try was rather hard on my hands and ended up being sort of odd looking, so not sure how much more crochet jewelry I'll do ...