This is my old neighborhood, on Eason, at the north end of Highland Park, Michigan, just off Woodward.

For the first time ever, in Fall 2004,the neighborhood showed signs of revival.

51 Eason, our old house, is in the middle. In the 60's the neighborhood was full of elm trees, including two in our front yard.


Our front porch. On the right is the front door to the living room. On the left is a separate entrance to the in-law suite, where our grandmother lived. Originally, the suite was built as a doctor's waiting room, wash room, and office.


The view from the alley behind our neighbor's house. The garage has been replaced. The house's second chimney was for the working incinerator. The door on the second floor leads to a small balcony, whose railing is now gone. The neighbor's house appears to be in very good shape.


Another view of our house and the neighbor to the east, which still has a nice brick walk.


Our neighbor to the west. This house is the best-kept on the block.


My friend Matt Schaut's house one block away, on Louise. Note the two-story brick barn-style garage with slate roof.


A nicely restored California bungalow, across the street from our old house.


Another restored bungalow across the street.


One of our favorite houses, "the lady in the hat", one block away on Moss. I always liked the window in the chimney, and of course the eye-brow window.


Midland school, my elementary, is now abandoned.


Ford Middle School, where my brother Gerry went for three years. I think it is now a combined elementary/middle school.


Above are the Eason-Wood apartments, just down the street, where my grandmother lived when we moved out of Highland Park.


The lobby of the Eason-Wood apartments.

The north end of Highland Park, including our old house, is known as the "Medbury`s--Grove Lawn Subdivisions Historic District" on the National Register of Historic Places

Our church, St. Benedict's. Unfortunately, I couldn't get inside.


MacGregor library. I believe it was just recently closed (2004).