Pete Prokopowicz, Ph.D.


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Pete Prokopowicz is a leading software engineer and entrepreneur.  He has made major technical contributions at renowned R&D organizations and universities over the last 20 years.  He co-founded the internet software company Perceptual Robotics, Inc., and sold it after six years of growth.   He is currently a senior developer in the High Frequency Equity trading group with Citadel Investment Group.



Senior Developer, Citadel Investment Group


  • Member of small, talented high-frequency equity trading team.
  • Implemented proprietary high-frequency trading strategies.
  • Developed and maintained market-data feed software.
  • Maintained and enhanced market and client gateway software.
  • Developed compiler enhancements and system-level libraries to enhance performance.
  • Ported trading platform to 64-bit environment.
  • FIX, Market Data Feeds, Cameron, C, C++, ACE, perl, ksh, IA32 assembler, SQL, Sybase, Oracle TimesTen, Tibco, Solaris, Linux, Windows.
  • Graduate-level course work in Financial Engineering with University of Chicago faculty.

Consultant, PNP Video Software Associates


  • Developed custom internet video software
  • Consulted on server farm design and deployment
  • Customers include Silk Road Technologies and Hard Rock Hotel.
  • Java, JSP, C/C++, JPEG/M-JPEG/MPEG, XML, J2EE, J2ME.

 Chief Technology Officer, Perceptual Robotics, Inc.



Corporate leadership:

  • Principal Investigator for National Science Foundation SBIR start-up grant.
  • Established technical credibility to raise $20 million in venture capital.
  • Recruited and managed technical staff of 23, with outstanding Ph.D. and MS/CS team.
  • Oversaw internal and external technical operations ($3 million per year).
  • Assisted in recruiting all senior management in sales, marketing, consulting, and finance.
  • Finalist for CTO of the year award, Chicago Software Association, 2001.
  • Numerous local and national presentations and significant press exposure.

Software technology leadership:

  • Invented user-controlled web camera in 1994.
  • Seven years as chief architect for world’s leading web camera software maker.
  • Designed and implemented first two versions of TrueLook client, server, video, and robotics code.
  • Led design and development of TrueLook rewrites using Microsoft ISAPI and Java/JSP.
  • Led product re-design to support software delivery as a shared, hosted service.
  • Negotiated access to engineering prototypes and support from Sony, Canon, JVC, Axis, Ultrak, Matrox, and others.

Operations and consulting leadership:

  • Designed and led deployment of scalable web server farm, using high-density Sun servers, Network Appliance, Oracle 8i, and Linux, at Exodus facilities. 
  • Managed 24x7 rapid response support team.
  • Led consulting and on-site operations effort for many high-profile, deadline-driven client events, including Detroit, New York, and Chicago Auto Shows; professional and college stadiums; major league championship webcasts; large auto dealers, military, construction, and manufacturing sites.

Technical and commercial highlights:


World’s first commercial Internet camera: the Oshkosh Air Show with partner MSN.
Intercam 1.0, one of earliest software products with server-side java technology.

First Grand Slam Tennis webcasts, with partner IBM.


All java, adaptive bandwidth streaming video.
Early commercial servlet, later featured at Sun’s JavaOne conference.


Official NBA Finals and All-Star game webcasts.

First retail e-commerce site to employ live images:

First live showroom with e-commerce partner IBM:
First live video content management system (web camera portal).
Nagano Olympic webcast


Major League Baseball All-Star Game and World Series.
Main stage presenter at DEMO conference (also 2000, 2002).

NASA cameras at Antarctica, Cape Kennedy, Hubble Laboratory.
TrueLook version 4, using Java/JSP 1.0.


Development of wireless robotic web camera appliance.
Sydney Olympics webcast.


PGA Tour, Masters Tournament webcasts.
First phone-based control and display of Internet camera.


Development of linux-based camera management appliance.
Salt Lake City Olympics webcast


  • Method and System for Preserving and Communicating Live Views of a Remote Physical Location over a Computer Network, US Patent 6625812
  • Visual Navigation History, US Patent App US53601, filed 03/01
  • Camera Network Management System, US Patent App US53504, filed 09/00
  • Method and Apparatus for Remote Location Shopping over a Computer Network, US Patent App US53448, filed 07/99.

President, Co-founder, NetHomes, Inc.


  • Conceived, developed, and deployed one of the earliest automated web hosting services.
  • Designed a browser-based web site publisher; implemented in perl CGI
  • Small business and consumer clients generating revenue from 1995 to 1997.


Research Scientist, University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science



  • Participated in DARPA and NASA funded research in robot vision, manipulation, and navigation.
  • Created LabCam, the first live Internet camera.
  • Developed Gargoyle, a Java/C real-time distributed image-processing environment for research.
  • Invented high-accuracy recognition, tracking, and grasping algorithms for robots.
  • Participated annually in international robotics competitions and exhibitions.
  • Supervised research projects of four Ph.D. students. 
  • Prepared and taught original graduate course in autonomous robotics.
  • Published and presented research on robotic navigation, visual tracking, task planning, etc. 



Research Assistant, Northwestern University



  • Equipped and operated the Intelligent Perception and Action Lab, a vision and robotics research laboratory, under Dr. Paul Cooper.
  • Created Vislab, an object-oriented vision, robotics, and machine learning software environment. 
  • Published and presented research on biological contrast and motion detection, Markov Random Fields for pattern recognition, perceptual integration across eye movements, high-level reasoning in computer vision, etc. 
  • Published an invited book review in Artificial Intelligence.


Member Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs, Network Technology Dept.



  • Responsible for development and testing of network software across all Bell Labs locations.  
  • Led testing and deployment of Portable Distributed UNIX (PDU), an early distributed UNIX.
  • Designed and implemented DIPSTC, a UNIX kernel module for routing IP over virtual circuits. 
  • Three time recipient of Exceptional Contribution Award.


Systems Programming Intern, Merit Network, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI



  • Implemented ICMP support for first Internet gateway deployed in Michigan, connecting three
    universities to ARPANET.  Developed in PDP-11 assembly language.


Teaching Assistant, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI



  • Taught undergraduate Computer Science courses in programming.  Responsibilities included
    lecturing, designing software assignments, and supervising course graders.




1989-1994 Northwestern University, Ph.D. Computer Science

Thesis: Perceptual Integration Across Eye Movements in Visual Robots

Royal E. Cabell Fellowship, Graham Fellowship.  ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award Nominee.

GPA 4.0/4.0


1983-1985 University of Michigan, M.S. Computer Science

GPA: 7.9/8.0. 


1979-1983 University of Michigan, B.S. with Honors, Mathematics and Computer Science

Class Honors, 1980-1983, William J. Branstrom Freshman Prize, National Merit Semi-Finalist.




Married, with one child.  Interests include digital photography, chess, astronomy, gardening, running, and cooking.